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Goddesses have released their self-titled debut via Bandcamp and it’s a sweet sonic trip of experimental and lovingly layered psychedelic shoegaze.

Recorded over a three-month stretch this spring the album comes of the back of singles I See You and You & I. These two tracks have proved a great introduction to a band who are stretching the concept of a guitar-led band and an album of wonderfully warped but hugely melodic sound.

This eponymous record is one of many layers; it ripples outward from a safe start to become darker and more experimental as it progresses, more surprises the further down the rabbit hole you fall. There are occasional moments of Afrobeat rhythms and many more of choral harmonies, all softened and distorted into ambient but experimental tracks.

At times there are standard song structures (Glitches) but these are moments of waking in amid the lucid dream of longer instrumental stretches, hypnotic repeating vocals and melodies (Seconds Out), and switching tempo and temperaments (Backwards, Man).

There is a sense of balance between the light and dark of this album, and of the band having enough confidence in their control of it to occasionally swoop thrillingly and suddenly between the extremes, at other times to lead you gently through a transition. Even where tracks build to fuzzed out walls of sound (Dead & Gone), the noise stretching away, there is space and softness to it all; this is as organic as it is cosmic.

While all four members of the band (Paul Beal, Jay dean, Mark Jones and Greg Rawson) are veterans of the Derby music scene this album shows that they are far from becoming complacent and are still finding new ways to push forward the frontier of guitar music.

The album is available now for download from Bandcamp. It was recorded at Dubrek. The band play Six Impossible Things upstairs at The Bless on 14 July with Cheap Jazz, Lonely Robot and Carefull. Entry is by donation, starts at 8pm.

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Images by Dan Wheeler at The Photo Parlour.

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