Remix Haiku Salut in new computer game

Music remixing game Chime Sharp has just been released through Steam and you can now play a whole level based around the music of Haiku Salut.

The game combines music with Tetris-like play to allow users to remix tracks. Speaking to developer Ste Curran said: “It is part Tetris, part sequencer. You place pieces on a grid. Each piece is read by the beatline as a note. Cluster pieces together and you’ll form Quads, read as longer musical phrases. Quads eventually set, shatter and colour the grid. The more you colour the grid the further through the song you progress. You can see how you’re doing at the bottom of the screen; time bonuses are awarded as you move into new sections of the track. Colour 90% of the grid with quads before time runs out, complete the song and you complete the level.”

Original game Chime was released in 2010 and Curran has been working on this follow up to smooth the intense gameplay with ambient music. It was funded on Kickstarter and is available to play now with tracks from artists including Andy Hung (Fuck Buttons), NovellerChvches and Derbyshire’s very own Haiku Salut.

You can get Chime Sharp on Steam and find out more on the webpage.

Find Haiku Salut:

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