We Are The Giant – We Are The Giant

Having formed in July 2015 Belper-based acoustic folk duo We Are The Giant are set to release their self-titled debut album ahead of a busy year of touring.

Members Chris Harding and Eve Morris were members of long-since disbanding Derbyshire folktronica band Lo-Fi Lung and have now created a collection of gentle, pastoral songs for flute, guitar and vocal that may have a touch of the twee about them but are far from trite.

From opener At Snails Pace there are echoes of contemporary songwriting from Kathryn Williams through Simone Felice as the vocals lead the melody. Describing their sound as coming ‘from the ashes of worn out lungs’ the feeling that pervades the album is of glowing embers, of wisps of smoke in darkened air; this is a cosy album of companionship.

There is much in the lyrics which deal with the passing of time, in the growing older if not the growing up, less the inevitable slowing and settling and more the deliberate deep breath of finding yourself in a moment.

Evoking the stretch and space of Derbyshire with pastoral refrains, this is an album which wraps you warm against a winter night and lights the memory of summer days inside you. From the delicately picked acoustic guitar to the depth of the flute, and the interplay of boy/girl vocals and occasional harmonies; this is the new folk with modern tales told in age-old ways.

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