What A Loving, And Beautiful World – QUAD’s most visited installation

It’s a dismal Monday lunchtime, the slabs of the Market Place splattered with cold January rain and hands thrust into pockets as shoulders slump under the weight of the sky. It’s a weight which is carried immediately away on the lights and sounds of QUAD’s current exhibition, What A Loving, And Beautiful World.

The three screens making up this installation cover the walls of the gallery space completely, the projections upon them as well as the soundscapes, changing based upon the actions and touch of visitors. There is a quiet moment as we stand in the middle of the room alone, floating in space and time as the indigo dark is speckled with bright white. From the far corner a swarm of butterflies flutter their digital wings as a rainbow arcs, a brace of ducks fly toward me, behind me a vine spreads across the space.

You are bathed in the wonder of it all, the physical space fading as the digital show builds around you. There is nothing but this moment now; physically I am still in central Derby but my imagination is in the cosmic unreality created here.

A child runs in, his adult in the gloom of the unlit wall. He runs, wild and free, between the projections. He jumps to catch the butterflies and from his hand cherry blossoms bloom. Away again and across the room he makes contact with one of the many falling Japanese characters and starts a storm. Lightning streaks from ceiling to floor and thunder rumbles through the piano notes. He is creating a new world around us through the unbridled joy of his play.

What A Loving, And Beautiful World has been QUAD’s most visited installation with more than 12,000 visitors since it opened in early December. The exhibition in Derby is the premiere for visual art installation, made by Japanese interdisciplinary creative collective teamLab who focus on mixing art, technology, science and creativity.

Open daily 11am-5pm (until 9pm Thursday) until Sunday 5 February 2017 we can’t urge you hard enough to get down to QUAD for teamLab‘s What A Loving, And Beautiful World digital exhibition.

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