New single from The Further

Sound-Hub signings The Further have released their new single The Other Side Of The Valley along with a video by André Hope.

Available as a free download the track was released on Christmas day and is a suitably wintery sounding indie folk song. With subtle percussive orchestration, the track has a gentle shyness to it, even the swells more the courage of a trembling heart than the swagger of a bold move.

Accompanied by a video shot (we guess from a drone) of the snowy landscape of Norway the visuals mirror the openness of the track, bringing the majesty of natural space to the vast and uncertain space of as-yet-unrequited emotion.

Describing themselves as ‘music which stirs the heart as well as the soul’ The Further are former bandmates from EJECTORSEAT and while citing influences including The Smiths and Gene, with this track they head closer to the cinematic yet introspective folk of Simone Felice, and the quirky touches of Beirut, or the emo-folk of a Dashboard Confessional ballad.

The Other Side Of The Valley by The Further is available as a free download or stream from the band’s Soundcloud now.

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