Papayer return with new track Popcorn

Dark indie band Papayer have released Popcorn, a track recorded for the Dubrek Flood relief compilation and the band’s first release in around four years.

Popcorn is a rolling indie rock, occasionally tripping toward more complex structures, a wilfully contradictory track as the lyrics of ‘I can’t wait to tell you, that I need to be with you’ are drawled across the melody markedly missing the urgency in delivery of the sentiment they express.

Sonically they are still tipping toward early Alt-J but with the navel-gazing hipster intensity switched out for the unashamed joy of making music with your mates. Crashing percussion and laser guitars build and fall, eventually spinning out and away. This is a track which embraces you with the momentary zeal usually reserved for a giddy reel with a stranger outside the taxi rank at the end of the night; a smile and a swell of ‘what if’ before it fades away.

Popcorn is the first since 2014 album Boo, similarly packed with juxtaposed chiming indie riffs and harangued vocals, seemingly irrisistable cataclysmic rock builds. They may describe their sound as dark indie but the emphasis and feel here is lights-out-modesty rather than sinister hard stares.

Popcorn is available as pay what you like on the band’s Bandcamp page and is also available as part of the Dubrek Flood Relief compilation.

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