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On making my way down to the show all I could think about is if the dark, cold and extremely wet night would scupper the audience for tonight’s show. This is my first time attending a show at the newly refurbished Dubrek Studios and although I often use the facility for my own musical debauchery I am excited to see how it would hold up as a small DIY gig space.

As I got there I was faced with an already buzzing crowd of equally excited punters already getting stuck into liquid refreshments from Dubrek‘s in house cafe/ bar. Looking around, the crowd is awash with faces from around the local music and arts scene. Derby has come a long way in the past few years; tonight is a clear testament to how the local music scene has grown in community spirit and how supportive everyone is being towards each other.

Anyone who has already had the pleasure of witnessing Biscuit Mouth live will already know that tonight’s show is likely to give your ear drums a good exercise due to sheer level of volume. When you walk into the gig space and see a large wall of guitar and bass amplifiers taking up the back wall you know tonight is going to be no different.

First up tonight to give your ear holes a warm up are Amber Valley’s finest Crime Wolf.  Being a long time advocate for this band I am always looking forward to seeing them.

Crime Wolf by Dirty Filis

The nice thing about Crime Wolf is that every time you see them they seem to change slightly so you don’t quite know what to expect. The band’s loud, repetitive and raw guitar driven noise rock often reminds me of some of the great American post hardcore bands of the late ’80s. Bands such as Scratch Acid and Big Black. Occasionally, the band will just drop out into a full free jazz style wig-out just to keep you on your toes and remind you that at a Crime Wolf show anything goes. On top of the music sits David Culleton’s perfectly formed ranted words, an embittered preacher reminiscent of a Birthday Party era Nick Cave. I highly anticipate hearing a proper recording from this band.

After braving the cold, wet Derby night for a short cool down it’s time for the mighty Biscuit Mouth. Here tonight to celebrate the release of their third album Hot Change in the very room that the album was recorded. The room is packed and warm and you know that as soon as the audio assault starts the next half hour is going to be an intense experience.  Much like their opening band Biscuit Mouth play with repetition and noise which they do LOUDLY! However the thing that puts them apart from other similar bands is the groove running through the music that makes you helpless in the need to move your body.

It is amazing to see the band’s noise driven guitar riffs and pounding low end bass riffs come out of just one guitar thanks to Sean Kenny’s homemade ‘batar’ (a mixture of guitar and bass) and then everything brought together by Tim’s hypnotic and eccentric drumming. Tim’s howling lyrics seem to come from a man possessed by some disenchanted spirit and add to the pure noise and power that is Biscuit Mouth‘s charm.

Biscuit Mouth

The band start their set with Kenneth The Lampooner, the first track of their new album and gives you an insight into just how good the album actually is. The song ends with a saxophone duel between Sean and special guest Chris Tree from Crime Wolf, that brings to mind the New York No Wave scene of the ’70s. The rest of the set consists of more new offerings interlaced with some of the best tracks from their first two albums.

As the crowd leave with grins on their faces, as well as slight ringing in their ears, it is clear to see that tonight has been a demonstration of Derby at it’s best. Both bands were incredible, the feeling of community in the audience was a wonderful thing to be part of and the new Dubrek, well its a perfect community hub for us all. Long live Dubrek and all who sail in her!

All words and photographs by Dirty Filis. 

Hot Change is available via Biscuit Mouth’s Bandcamp page now. Read our review of the album here.

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