THEM ARE THEY – live review

Outside the streets are slick as freezing sleet draws curses between chattering teeth, and from upstairs a warm glow if not air curls toward you. It’s a quiet Sunday night gig as out of town bands poll up in our city, and yet it is anything but quiet at all.

THEM ARE THEY make a glorious and almighty racket for a duo. The cat and mouse melodic chase between the pair leaves an audience agape from where they huddle inside winter coats. The build of sound from just two instruments and a startling array of pedals is astonishing…the sort of twist, turns and tricksy time signatures typical of math rock. But this is something more too.

Instrumental, and experimental, this is music which is indulgent to play but generous in the hearing. There is a an introspection to the sound, the two locked in, encouraging each other on at speed through the intricate spiderweb of melody they weave. There are elements of progressive metal when the noise really builds, loud and complex. Those breaks and delicate flourishes of bell and high note keep this from being a relentless onslaught and bring brilliant flashes to the cross-genre rock.

There’s nothing to listen to online yet but the band plan to record material later in the year, and we highly recommend you check them out next time they play live.

THEM ARE THEY supported Nine Tons and Ghost Signals at the Hairy Dog on Sunday 12 February 2017.


Image by I C Things.

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