Starwheel release two new tracks

Psychedelic rock band Starwheel has released two new tracks via Bandcamp today (18 February 2017).

The tracks – Slow Down and Through My Window (Parts I & II) – both have dreamy ’60s psychedelic sound at their heart and compliment each other as a gorgeously warm and relaxed single.

Slow Down is the more rock flavoured of the two tracks with a grind to the underpinning guitar riffs. Until the vocal kicks in this is very much psychedelia by the decent of ’90s rock and there is a churn to it that is lightened by the gauzy vocal, the echoing harmonies.

Through My Window (Parts I & II) pairs the boy/girl vocal more strongly and the beat becomes relaxing rather than plodding with the addition of cosmic sounds, and stretching guitar riffs reinforced with repetition. The last few seconds are discordant piano, the refrain trailing off, giving the impression this was all the in the imagination of a solo player.

Both tracks are available as pay what you like on Bandcamp now. Album artwork by Astrid Hardy Fry.

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