Yakobo drop new video

Yakobo has shared a new video for track Far From Ground.

Taken from the new EP Maybe The Land Was Just A Dream the video has a surreal feel as masked and cloaked figures follow singer-songwriter James Currey.

Drawing comparison to Jeff Buckley for soaring vocals and honest lyrics, the forthcoming EP will be the final part of a trilogy.

This track certainly retains that classic songwriting, that raw vocal, but melodically brings in a hint of early Mansun too. Introspection is reflected too in the space of the music – the vast and unseen internal complexity of each of us, populated with our anxieties and hopes, mapped in the spaces of the melody.

The video brings out those feelings too; fear, confusion but curiosity too in the travelling unexpectedly done at the flick of a switch, Derby forming a backdrop to scenes interspersed with sinister masked figures.


The EP is released on 7 April 2017 and you can pre-order it from Bandcamp here.

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