SeiSui release new track – Oko-1983

Reclusive and enigmatic Derby nu-gaze boy/girl duo SeiSui have released a new digital single today, Oko-1983, their third digital release this year.

It’s a tale of Cold War tensions and nuclear near misses, sketched out on a canvas of de-tuned garage psych fuzzy guitars and clattery drums that have more than a whiff of post Cuba missile crisis psychedelic groups like The Electric Prunes and the 13th Floor Elevators.

Even the vocals sound like they’ve been put through a vintage Leslie speaker cabinet (the ones that make Hammond organs all swirly). That said, irrespective of its retro vibe, the track is still very much of the here and now in its sentiment (North Korea, Trump and Putin are all turning up the nuclear heat and edging on the doomsday clock right now).

Find SeiSui:


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