Artisian – Wolves In The Mist

Blackened crust is not a genre that you’d usually expect to come out of Derby, but when we make something, we make it well.

Deliberately lofi, Wolves in the Mist sounds as though it could be a demo picked up from a black metal show. However, in no way is this a bad thing. This is one of the qualities which adds to dark atmosphere and defines Artisian‘s long withstanding sound in music.

Influenced by the likes of bands such as Dark Throne and Discharge, Totenmond and Immolation, the blacken crust genre combines hardcore punk and black metal to make something fast, noisy and of course, extremely heavy.

Artisian have been around for a while – 13 years to be precise – and as a result have toured with some of the biggest names in the black metal scene. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that their music is a reflection of this.

There is a blinding rage which begins at the first growl of Wolves in the Mist and finishes on the last chord. A rage that can only be captured by this genre of music. made up of growling vocals, thrashing guitars and packed full of distortion, it’s hard to believe that so much noise has come out of one person. As Artisian was driven from a solo project, it’s main creator Moloch writes and records most of the music himself. Wolves is no exception, giving it more of a DIY ethic compared to other blackened crust outfits.

However, how the record was made is not really important when it comes to its output, which sounds not like a shower, but a turbulent storm.

Wolves in the Mist encapsulates the true darkness of heavy music.

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