The Hudson Super 6 – Ride The Tiger EP review

A Derby supergroup formed a decade ago from the ashes of Cable, Iris and Scribble The Hudson Super 6 has returned with a new Paul Tipler-produced EP, Ride The Tiger, out via Bristol label Ingue Records. Neil Johnson reviews for Storge.

I can still remember first catching The Hudson Super Six. They were sound checking for a gig at the Hairy Dog in Derby, the crunchy growling guitars sounded utterly monumental and I was hanging on every note. After the gig, I downloaded their album This Black Heart. They had sounded so good live I was convinced that the mixture of punk attitude and massive guitars would never make it intact onto the recording. It did though thankfully, and it became one of my most listened to records of 2016.

To say that I have been somewhat impatient waiting for HS6’s new five song EP Ride the Tiger would be an understatement. Patience isn’t a virtue I possess in great quantities as life is for living not waiting around for things to happen! So it’s with some relief that the guys have finally made it available for our enjoyment.

Continuing their trademark massive, crunchy guitar sound mixed with dark and deviant rock melodies, Ride the Tiger is just what we’ve come to expect from them. A good thing, a very good thing! From the first of Phil Wagg’s vocals on The First Time is the Worst Time, to the fading guitar outro on Imperial Stag, this is a record of punchy and raucous rock music. No drama, no fluff and no filler.

Highlights from the EP are This Black Heart, which is pure HS6. Andrew Cameron’s driving guitar work really stands out, simple and brutally awesome and Gone to Ground, where Phil Wagg’s vocals are especially effective, the contrast of sweet and delicate building to crushing crescendos, over and over are divinely enjoyable.

Overall, Ride the Tiger is everything you expect from HS6, the continuation of their journey combining catchy, edgy and massive songs with creative lyrics. It left me satisfied and smiling, like that moment you get to scratch a tricky itch. Guilt free pleasure.

EP tracklist

First Time is the Worst Time
This Black Heart
Gone to Ground
Imperial Stag

More information on The Hudson Super 6

The Hudson Super 6 Ride The Tiger EP is released on 9 June 2017 via Bristol label Ingue Records. You can pre-order it through Bandcamp. The band play a headline show at the Hairy Dog, Derby on 16 June with Prizefighter and Dactylion, pay what you like entry with details here.

Watch the video for LSDH here.

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