Punks Against Cancer fundraiser success

The fifth Punks Against Cancer weekender took place at the Hairy Dog last week and once again brought together a selection of riotous bands in a successful fundraising effort.

With 29 bands playing across the three-day event, and already having raised nearly £8,500 from past events, the weekender brought local and touring punk bands in to Derby with all monies raised going to Macmillan Cancer Support. Darren Aero Glossop who organises and promotes the event posted on Facebook the following exuberant status to thank bands and gig-goers. He said, “You are certainly making Punks Against Cancer one of the best small events on the UK calendar. A massive thank you to everyone who attended this year’s gig, and to all the 29 bands who played. Yet again your generosity is overwhelming. I still have a few weeks to get all the monies together but we are definitely looking at another total of over £3,000!”

Bands including The Atoms, The Reverends and Addictive pHilosopHy took to the stage, with the latter also putting in a stint in the new Busker’s Corner at the Hairy Dog, contributing a further £63 to the tally.

Ben ‘Bean’ Pearson, attending the gig said of the local bands, “Playing a mix of dub reggae, ska and full-tilt anarcho-punk, Addictive pHilosopHy are a band that are hard to pigeonhole which makes them fresh and exciting when compared to many others. Not only was the night the official launch of their new single (Not A) Novelty but also saw the first performance of Little Boy Soldiers, a The Jam cover recorded for the charity Specialized.”

He was also full of praise for The Reverends, saying, “Every time I’ve seen The Reverends the line-up has been different, last time I saw them they had Joe Atom from The Atoms on guitar. This new line-up seems to be sticking and it’s very effective, putting out catchy and punchy punk anthems. They certainly have what it takes to become a major force in the scene.”

The line up also included touring bands, such as classic anarcho-punk band Conflict. They played on the Friday and Pearson said, “One of the original anarcho-punk bands, playing Derby! An absolutely amazing performance. The first mosh pit of the evening, although not the last. The frontman has an amazing stage presence only rivaled by Steve Ignorant himself, especially when channeling the anger in his lyrics and presenting them to the audience.”

He went on to enthuse about The Restarts, “An absolute joy to watch, fast, furious anarcho-punk with a touch of ska, had the place bouncing up and down.  Not as angry as Conflict but still filled with passion with songs denouncing homophobia and racial abuse. They are a band that I would absolutely love to see in Derby again.”

Promoter Darren Aero Glossop has said plans are already underway for the sixth Punks Against Cancer weekender with dates to be announced shortly.

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