The Mocking Jays – Sex On The Beach

Long Eaton’s The Mocking Jays have that rare quality that is sadly lacking in bands this young – not only are they extremely polished live but they also have an incredibly well tuned sense of pop nouse.

The secret for these lads lies in the fact that they’ve been labouring at their craft since they were in short pants and it’s finally paying off.

Latest single Sex On The Beach has catchy summer pop hit written all over it with an earworm chorus that really ought to be sung along to in festival tents up and down the country over the next few months if there’s any justice.

For me it conjures memories of those first cheap package holidays abroad without your parents – Club 18-30, foam parties, sunburn, hangovers and getting your leg over for the first time – it’s all crammed into this fleeting mayfly like minuet, much like your actual teenage years.

They say they’re indie funk but Sex On The Beach is unadulterated pop with a cynical twinkle in its eye and a sniff of amyl nitrate-fuelled disco. Filling the vacuum left by Viola Beach following their tragic demise after only two singles, The Mocking Jays are cheeky young scamps with their hearts on their sleeves and their eyes on the charts.

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