Dionysus Festival announces 2017 line-up

Dionysus – Derby Festival of Psychedelia has announced its 2017 line-up of bands ahead of the October all-day gig.

This will be the second year for the event which was first held in October 2016 and will return to the Polish Club on Kedleston Road on 7 October this year.

Bands set to play the event include Magic Bus, Earthling Society, The Telephones, Red Electra 69, Sendelica, The Moths, Consterdine, The Lizards, and The Vulpines. DJs Paul Whittingdon and Peter Feeley will also be playing sets and tickets are available now at £12.

While the term is often over-used psych as a genre has a strong presence in the city at the moment with many bands exploring the sound – including Goddesses who played the festival last year, and a more psych direction can also be heard on the new Unqualified Nurse Band album due in autumn.

Midlands based collective Associated Reverberation also held an event last year – once again setting up in St Werburgh’s Chapel with performances from Azzurro Peaks and Diseases of Venus. Delving further into the experimental and avant-garde aspects of the psych genre the collective bring together artists from across the Midlands for some diverse line-ups and with performances between the innovative and the eccentric.

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