Distant Blue announce Holy Water EP release

Distant Blue are a pop punk outfit from Long Eaton. They’ve not restricted themselves to that locale, however, and have played from Carlton to Belper, hawking their merry tunes to whoever will listen, which appears to be quite a few people.

A debut EP is due out on 20 August 2017 but for now we will have to make do with the sneaky tease of Grebo on Soundcloud.

Grebo starts off with a solid 4/4 punk guitar, kick snare punch which ticks all the basic boxes, and whilst you suspect that you already know the song by numbers it barely makes it through the first verse before hitting a slow 6/8 swing instead. Solid, pleasant harmonies are laid down across the rest of the track which doesn’t necessarily follow conventional chord progression expectations.

The track draws to a close just short of the two minute mark. Extraordinarily short, but to the point and effective. I’m quite taken by this and am looking forward to next week’s EP release. With over 550 listens to the track inside twelve days it’s clear they have a following that will appreciate it, too.

Distant Blue can be found:

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