Japanese Government Railways share lost tracks

Former Derby band Japanese Government Railways has shared their first album Back To The Drawing Board on Soundcloud, along with demos which would have made up their second album.

The tracks were shared by frontman Paul Tabor, who now performs as a solo singer-songwriter, via Facebook where he said, “For anyone who vaguely remembers a band called Japanese Government Railways I’ve decided to share our album Back To The Drawing Board for a short time on Soundcloud. It’d be great to hear peoples thoughts on it after all this time.”

In an earlier post he shared the demos which would have made up their second album, now collected as the And Then Life Intervened EP. Posting a link to the tracks he said, “Yesterday I was ploughing through all of the songs I’ve written and recorded over the last ten years in preparation for a solo originals gig I have in a few weeks where I have to play two 45 minute sets. That’s when I stumbled upon the recordings that were going to make up over half of the second Japanese Government Railways album.

“Since the band went their separate ways and after the passing of our bass player Mark, I had never felt in the right place to share these recordings but now I’m happy for people to hear them. Hopefully there will be something in here that you will listen to and like and maybe it’ll take you back a few years to when we used to gig. Thank you in advance for listening!”

The tracks have a Britpop feel with effected guitar adding depth to the demos, which were being worked on in 2011. With the influence of classic era indie such as The Smiths and The Housemartins in evidence there are soft harmonies, and intricate guitar making these songs which would have sunk softly beneath the skin rather than fronted up to you, unlike much of the crop of contemporaries they came from and the scene in which they are shared today. Effects bring in a sound that Blur played with on Modern Life Is Rubbish while there are electo-elements at times too.

Seven tracks which would have gone toward the second album are shared including the Mono, which introduces the set with a Squeeze-like influence, and the darker chunkier electro-tones of 3 Wise Monkeys, reminiscent melodically of Sparks.

Both the And Then Life Intervened EP and the full first album, Back To The Drawing Board, are currently available to stream via Soundcloud.

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