Cable Week: Twentieth Anniversary of When Animals Attack

Cable Week banner

Next week (18-22 September) on Storge we’ll be marking twenty years since the release of Cable‘s When Animals Attack with a special set of features on the site and a night of Cable music too.

Join us online for another look at the album which spawned the band’s biggest hits as well as the legacy the band left the local and national music scenes. And if that isn’t enough you can come and join us in person as we team up with Black Rebel Coffee House for a night of Cable music on the anniversary of the release, Wednesday 20 September 2017.

When Animals Attack was Cable‘s second album, recorded in New York with Galaxie 500 producer Kramer, and spawned the band’s best known hits including Freeze The Atlantic and Blue Birds Are Blue.

You can get details of the event hereBlack Rebel Coffee House is above the Hairy Dog, entry is free but this is an over 18s only event. Bring your own vinyl to play or come along, have a Sprite, and enjoy the When Animals Attack promo along with our selection of tunes.

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