No Setting Sun – first demo released as EP by Derby rock band

Together since March 2016 and pushing themselves publicly since around June of this year No Setting Sun has recorded a four track demo EP that is now available to hear on Soundcloud. It was recorded at Abbey Lane Studios, Derby and clearly lays out their stall for the future as – in their words – a rock band all about being ‘catchy, with no concession’.

The band has a solid approach to their sound, keeping it simple with a standard rock formation of drums, bass, guitar and vocals, ensuring that the stringed contributors reinforce each other in solid power chord and riff based lines with steady percussion throughout, clearly defining the overall structures. The vocals are clear and strong, and the whole band leave space within the assault so that each can make themselves known without the overall sound becoming a power struggle of egos.

Hardy’s vocals are a powerful tenor, with clear influence in tone and technique from bands such as Velvet Revolver, Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell and smatterings of the low end of Rob Halford.

Overall the songs have a slightly later musical feel to them, the more solid early 2000s wave of rock that didn’t fit under the nu-metal moniker. It’s a comfortable writing system that when paired with a bit of bravado on stage can make for a worthy performance and a good show. The kick drum especially stands out with a particularly lovely click to each thump, something I have an unreasonable soft spot for.

This first demo from No Setting Sun is all distorted guitar, with slightly rounded clicky bass work; it’s a nice blend and well worth a listen. A Derby rock band worth keeping your ear on as they hone their sound.

You can find No Setting Sun;

You can find Abbey Lane Studios;

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