Dactylion – Come Inside: a dreamy debut EP from Derby band

Dactylion Come Inside cover artClose your eyes. Close your eyes and think of being sad. Now, close your eyes and think of being hugged to recovery. This is where Dactylion take you with their debut EP, Come Inside.

From the off, the opening track Hold On sets the scene. Immersive guitars, floating vocals and catchy melodies give the listener a sense of fragile security. As the songs builds, a further sense of desperation is added, pleading with the listener to do just what is asked of them. A solid start and a good opening track, but personally I feel an obvious one for this genre.

Let’s delve a little deeper, this Derby based band make no secret of their influences and fans of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive will find a home within this delightful little EP. Five tracks spread over a cool twenty minutes leave the listener with just enough to get their teeth into and no song really feels out of place.

Pushing on track two, Slow Down, starts with a gentle acoustic guitar adding a different dimension often lacking in shoegaze. Couple this with Hannah Smith’s delicate vocals and this is where the EP really starts to come into its own. Now it becomes personal, an intimate story between band and listener.  Pulling you into their sadness and marrying it with your own.

As track two fades out track three, So Easy, gently seeps into your conscious. A slow build giving way to a bursting chorus. With layers of vocals and daydreaming guitars, it’s once again easy to find yourself singing along without knowing the words.

To close out this EP, we find ourselves faced with Clouded Conversations and Fears. Clouded Conversations gives us the full shoegaze experience. In just over four minutes it breathes out a cavernous blanket of bellowing guitars and soaring vocals, even managing to add the EP’s first true guitar solo.

Fears is the perfect track to end on. Starting with an almost Walk On The Wild Side guitar, it pulls you in, asking you to tell all your fears, before spitting you out with guitars, drums and bass that surround you, deafen you and shake you. The vocal melody pushing past the glorious noise adding that touch of homeliness to round off what is a mammoth of a track. A stand out for sure.

All in all this EP is a wonderful start and hopefully only the beginning from the band who has all the right ingredients to reignite a spark in a genre often overlooked for catchiness and sing along epics. Keep your eyes peeled folks, Dactylion are coming and you need to come inside for a closer look.

Come Inside by Dactylion is out now digitally and on CD through Reckless Yes. CD copies are available from Dubrek.

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