We Are The Giant: Ups & Downs – new EP release

We Are The Giant have released a new EP this week entitled Ups & Downs. The three track collection contains songs that have been in their live rotation for most of the year, so those of you that have seen them perform in recent months may well recognise them.

The duo comprise of Eve Morris, who handles the main vocal lines and flute, paired with Chris Harding on guitar and vocals. It was recorded at a ‘top secret location’ known to a few, and videos of the recording session are on their Facebook page which gives an insight into their process. One of the more exciting technical aspects of the recording is the fact that it is the first release to feature an RH Guitars electro-acoustic guitar, a local company which until now had only outputted electric guitars and basses.

The EP opens with Tidal Wave which contains a rhythmic strum/slap melody akin to Incubus which creates a mild urgency, reinforcing the chorus lyrics ‘gotta keep moving on, stay strong’, pushing it onwards. The pauses at the end of various sections allows the ample reverb to tail out, giving a massive spatial depth to the recording which is a little haunting.

Second track up is Hold On which sees Chris exploring another percussive technique in its introduction before launching into a fluid rolling chord pattern and smooth flute work with gorgeous flutter tonguing, which isn’t forced or over-used. Vocal harmonies and counter-melodies melt across the track and there are the tiniest hints of Rachel Unthank in the vocal delivery.

Final track Tinder Sucks stays stylistically similar but sees Chris take the main vocal in a tale of hatred about the lack of face to face interactions of the modern dating scene, leading to a closing chant that can be taken in more than one way.

Collectively it leaves you wanting more, so it’s time to put pressure on them for album number two in 2018!

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