The Small Town Boys: Desperate Times – second EP from Derbyshire band

Small Town Boys band logoDerbyshire band The Small Town Boys are bringing a touch of the blues to their indie rock with second EP Desperate Times.

The latest release follows the 2016 EP Financial Crisis and moves them on from a more folk and punk influenced sound to one more grounded by standard indie rock, with the occasional hint of blues behind the gritty lyrics and chunky riffs.

Kicking off with lead track Power Station this new straightforward ‘music for drunk people’ approach is immediately evident. In standard time there’s a driving rhythm and a riff that seems as if it might tip over at any moment. There’s plenty of mid-period Oasis in this sound, as well as skipping back more directly to the band’s the Britpop giants aped; less Beatles and more Status Quo in the chunkiness of the chase.

That former folk sound muscles into the mix further on Something’s Going On where there is a hint of the Levellers and even the AOR end of the Bush spectrum. Spoken word breaks up the pound and highlights the politics and social commentary being delivered lyrically.

The lyrics and vocal take more of a central role in Silly Billy, there’s a naivety around them and the classic juxtaposition of being trapped in the grind but dreaming of running away. The delivery may not be on a par with Dylan but the sentiment of wild women and exotic escapes is buried in there.

EP closer Mother mixes the squealing solos of Oasis ballads with a plodding melody, a slight blues tinge, and that rock n roll classic of subject matter; the wayward son.

Unlikely to break any ground with their sound it is nevertheless music for the masses and for the working classes, and there’s a power in that. Desperate Times by The Small Town Boys is available on Soundcloud now.

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