The Lengthmen and Hairy Dog host Royal Bedding Day gig

Derby punk band The Lengthmen have joined forces with the Hairy Dog and announced they will host a Musicians Against Homelessness Royal Bedding Day event to coincide with the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Royal Bedding Day events are being set up across the country in response to the news streets in Windsor would be cleared of homeless people as the eyes of the world (or at least those interested in royal nuptials or pomp and ceremony) turn on it in May.

Sharing a post from Musicians Against Homelessness on their Facebook page the Hairy Dog said, “In response to the recent news that the streets of Windsor will be cleared of homeless people Musicians Against Homelessness announce the Royal Bedding Day on the same day as the Royal Wedding.

“We ask all of our supporters and friends to join us in putting on as many music events as possible across England, Scotland and Wales to support homeless people and to make a lot of noise!

“So on the 19th May The Lengthmen will be playing here and are after a few other (varied style) bands to join them. If you are interested in playing in support of this then please contact either us or The Lengthmen.”

Find more about Royal Bedding Day events on the Musicians Against Homelessness page here.

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