Furthest From The Sea join national arts debate

Arts advocates Furthest From The Sea has been flying the flag for Derby in a recent visit to London, where they joined the national debate linking arts participation and good mental health.

Discussions with various national organisations and in the Houses of Parliament were focussed on funding for grassroots artists, the essential role of the arts in supporting good mental health, and the significant potential of Derby as a city with a village feel in which a vibrant arts scene can thrive.

As part of their discussions they have been asked to submit a report on the connection between artistic participation and good mental health (the focus of upcoming fringe festival Little Ed) as evidence to the Parliamentary Select Committee for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s current inquiry in the Social Impact of Participation in Culture and Sport.

Chair of the committee Damian Collins MP said, “Furthest From The Sea is exactly the type of initiative we need to see more of, combining resources from public bodies, educational institutions and private businesses to support arts and culture from the grassroots level up for the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and the towns and cities in which we all live.”

Matt McGuinness, Creative Director said “Without the passion, commitment and resources to artists at all levels, the focus of the established artists is nothing more than a meaningless side-show. It’s essential for the vibrancy of life in Derby and the good mental health of all us that a positive, vibrant and inclusive arts scene thrives in the city and beyond.”

Litte Ed runs from 19 to 22 April and aims to bring a taste of the Edinburgh Fringe festival to the city. Organiser’s say they will, “bring new unexpected and unconventional performers and shows to Derby either en route to Edinburgh 2018 or not .This year we will be promoting positive mental health and wellbeing and social inclusion as an integral part of the festival.”

Find Furthest From The Sea:

  • in their offices on Strand Arcade, Derby
  • on Facebook.

Pictured L-R: Matt McGuinness of Furthest From The Sea; Damian Collins MP; Dr Eileen Wright of Furthest From The Sea.

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