Choose My Music Records returns

Choose My Music, the Burton-based independent record label, has announced a return following a three-year hiatus.

Founded in 2012 the local label says it “had fantastic success, discovering over 150 bands, releasing 17 albums, having our discoveries regularly featured on BBC 6 Music – and this success culminated in all of Choose My Music album releases being inducted into the British Library’s Music Archive”. And it’s now returning in a new format having been on a break since 2015.

The label is returning as a physical music fanzine funded through supporters on Patreon and sharing the music they are so good at discovering from across the world.

Describing the venture they say, “Every three months we will seek out, interview the best bands we can find from around the world and print these interviews in a music fanzine. Every issue will be accompanied by a digital album, featuring one song from all the bands we find, which can be downloaded or streamed and you’ll only be able to hear it if you have a copy of the fanzine. Additionally, every issue will be designed by a different artist who will pick a chosen charity which will receive a minimum of 15% of that issues profits.”

Those pledging through the funding site can choose what level to support the project from less than £1 per issue through to around £20 per issue. The plan needs at least 50 backers to go forward and within a day of going live was already nearing the half way mark.

It’s an innovative approach mixing physical formats and age-old curation from trusted tastemakers and leveraging technology to spread the word and support production. The fiercely DIY of spirit of Choose My Music has clearly not diminished with the passing of time – welcome back!

You can support Choose My Music on Patreon.

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