Unqualified Nurse Band: Somebody Says – single review

Unqualified Nurse Band continue their momentum forwards this year with another single release in Somebody Says. The initial aim was to release one a month, but there may be a slightly slower release schedule overall due to promotion schedules and so forth. It is still clear that they are still committed to recording a body of work in small stints across 2018 with the intention of packaging it together as an album at year’s end.

Somebody Says is an infectious dose of smile and nod with a chaser of frown and judge within the verses. Pixies-esque in its surf-rock feel, the clanging lead guitar pattern tracks the mangled vocals with a catchy hook that will lace your brain for hours without becoming a chore.

Steady drums and bass keep the two minute thirty-three offering moving with a David Bowie rising bass line two thirds of the way in, and a woolly snare and fuzzy cymbal warmth across the board and in the fills.

The song was recorded at Dubrek Studios and took a more retro approach with the intentional restriction of using as much analogue recording gear as possible, with digital aspects at a bare minimum. The limited number of tracks available for recording onto tape was a factor in choosing this song for the process instead of something more complex, although it is a methodology that we’re likely to see them use again at some juncture. It definitely works and will create some subtle textural punctuation when the album collection is released.

Unqualified Nurse Band play Dubrek Studios with Knice and The White Skull Death Snakes of Death on 4 May 2018.

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