Indietracks 2018: Mighty Kids ‘must see’ guide to the festival

With one of the strongest festival line-ups of the year Indietracks is set to make a return next weekend (27-29 July) when it takes place at Midland Railway Centre near Ripley. Here at Storge we love this festival for its personality and community as much as its diverse and stellar selection of bands.

Indietracks 2018

We’ll be boarding the Indietracks Express and heading down the tracks next weekend to get among it and we’ll be making sure we’re at the church on time on Saturday to catch a set by Derby electropop three-piece Mighty Kids. With the melancholy melody of Saint Etienne, the experimental flourish of Mega Emotion, and the lyrical prowess of a properly woke Taylor Swift their debut EP is sounding amazing and we can’t wait to worship at their alter come Indietracks weekend.

Here frontwoman Shelley Jane Newman (also of Sex Jokes, GodNo! and solo project Shelley From Finance) gives us her picks for the Indietracks weekend. A veteran of the festival she is often part of the volunteer stewarding team she’s felt spoilt for choice on this year’s line-up and has been carefully constructing a spreadsheet to avoid as many clashes as possible. Here’s the five she absolutely won’t miss – and suggests you don’t either.

Mighty Kids Indietracks 2018 Picks

Marble Season (Saturday, 5.20pm, Church Stage)

These guys are based in Liverpool but clearly not from there. I love hearing people sing in regional accents and Hollie has a particularly gorgeous one.

You’d struggle to pin down their style but their song Modern Fear reminds me of The Flaming Lips, whilst much their output is quite lo-fi, with really honest lyrics pinning everything together. I have been waiting to see them since they released their first sounds last year, as I’m intrigued as to how they translate live. I was very excited to see them on the Indietracks bill! Really hoping they do their Prefab Sprout cover so we can all sing along.

Eureka California (Saturday, 2.40pm, Outdoor Stage)

Eureka California are an obvious choice for me as I see them at every opportunity and always buy their merch when I see them (could be an expensive weekend)!

Catchy garage rock, sounding like the kind of band that played the US college circuit in the 1990s, I’m always impressed by the large sound this two-piece achieve. Made for summer, I’ll be throwing them on like my favourite bikini.

Navina (Saturday, 4.20pm, Church Stage)

Pop perfection! I have only heard two songs by Navina but I deem her set unmissable! Has echoes of Regina Spektor, with clicks and handclaps with clear, pretty vocals and catchy-as-a-game-of-catch choruses.

I really can’t wait for Navina’s EP S H A P E S to come out, I’m so ready to hear more. I’ll be squeezing into the church for her set and dancing in my pew.

Ghum (Saturday, 1.40pm, Outdoor Stage)

Really sad about the clash of our set with Ghum’s. I urge anyone who cannot cram their sweaty bodies into the church for our set go to see Ghum on the main stage.

I’m very into their 4AD aesthetic – sounding a little like Lush on their album Spooky or Split but with more bite and bending strings, drenched in heavy reverb, all over the place like if surf-rock had a goth phase. Delicious!

Haiku Salut (Sunday, 5.50pm, Outdoor Stage)

Disclaimer: Robbie from Mighty Kids is like the fourth member of Haiku Salut. He produces the lamp show and is their recording engineer, so quite often I have to share him. I am ok with this as I am emotionally married to this band.

I’m not into too many instrumental artists but Haiku Salut seem to say so much with their music, with highs and lows that mimic conversation, or indeed life itself!

You can also find me at: Mikey Collins (Sunday, 8.20pm, Church Stage), Whitelands (Saturday, 3pm, Train Stage), Happy Spendy (Sunday, 7.20pm, Church Stage), Night Flowers (Saturday, 5pm, Indoor Stage), Happy Accidents (Saturday, 3pm, Indoor Stage), Just Blankets (Sunday, 1pm, Indoor Stage) and a lovely Gwenno (Sunday, 4.40pm, Outdoor Stage) matinee!


Mighty Kids play the Church Stage at Indietracks at 1.20pm on Saturday 28 July 2018. Their debut EP Won’t You Reconsider is released on CD and digitally on 27 July 2018 via Reckless Yes Records.

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