Pet Crow – Pet Soundz

Debut EP release of riot grrrl and post-punk grooves from Derby four-piece Pet Crow

Pet Crow appeared almost from nowhere to play their first gig, supporting Unqualified Nurse Band at Artsmith, in March and quickly followed it with the release of their debut EP Pet Soundz in April.

Across the four tracks the band inject some funk and groove into the riot grrrl sound, some cosmic blasts into the post-punk vocal.

Speaking to Sophie Sparham in the Derby Telegraph Danielle said: ““We’re all just having a good time with it, we’ve all been in bands before, some of us are still in bands, so it was nice to have something we could have fun with. We’ve just approached writing like that and it’s been great.

“We didn’t get together with anything in mind in terms of our sound. Although some songs fit together really nicely. Some songs are really poppy and B-52s-esque and other stuff is heavier and garage rock stuff. We get related to riot grrrl bands a lot which we’re all into.”

The EP starts with the squeal of She’s Back and the rhythmic dance, fast and funky behind the dream-like stretch of vocal, before the guitar breaks in and lifts the track into full colour. Just when you think it’s spinning out, in it breaks again with another squeal and a tumble of the bass and drums.

It’s followed by Shake It Out, far more focused around the guitar line and the indie rock feel, that poppier side juxtaposing with the determinedly languid vocal line.

Get Out breaks in with a Walking on Sunshine feel before settling into a darker rock sound. Those hazy vocals expressing the need to get out, but sinking back into the depths of the track, a sundown-in-the-desert guitar line snaking around.

Final track Absorbed is the fever breaking across this dream, frenetic layers of howling vocals and racing beats that crashes into the gentler sound as it stretches out, percussion and piano cool the track.

They may have seemingly come from nowhere but as a first release Pet Soundz has come out fully formed, full of fun but also self-assured and almost impossibly cool.

Find Pet Crow:

Pet Crow support Menace Beach at the Hairy Dog on 21 July and The Lovely Eggs, also at the Hairy Dog, on 29 October.

Pet Soundz was recorded at Snug.

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