Scribble Victory – Expectations EP

Derby duo Scribble Victory release their Expectations EP – a record drenched in melancholy, and lovelorn sweeping harmonies.

Scribble Victory must be one of the most-gigged bands in Derby right now but new EP, Expectations, commits their mix of acoustic guitar and intricate rhythms to record (well, digitally and on CD at least). In a pared back set-up Jamie Thompson and Tomas Ward find rich depths in their harmonies and warmth in their melodies.

Citing influences from Simon and Garfunkel to Animal Collective and Beirut it is perhaps the sweeter, wistful soar of melodic hardcore that comes through. In closer I’ve Come Too Far there is the echo of Dashboard Confessional and Jimmy Eats World, and lyrically this collection resonates with the emo genre; sensitive, romantic sentiment, more sweet than it is bitter.

But there are surprising influences feeding through too. There is a touch of early Haiku Salut in the piquant notes of You’re Only As Good As Your Last Mistake, eliciting a retro-gaming feel from the picking. It’s one of the more fascinating tracks, side-stepping the sound across the rest of the collection, casting a new light and exploring more deeply what can be made within the limits of the set-up.

There is a sense of wide-eyed naivety throughout the EP, an underlying atmosphere that there is pure joy in the making and the playing of this music, even when the subject matter errs toward the sadder side of love. I Said I Wouldn’t Call stretches that introspective and self-deprecating narrative, but as songs these never give the impression of a broken writer; the harder times covered are stumbles rather than falls, hope is always kept close at hand lyrically and melodically.

With intricate melodies and warm harmonies Scribble Victory have created a pleasant collection of richly layered tracks that find the space to soar within the tight confines of a two-man band.

The Expectations EP is out now on CD and available digitally on Spotify, iTunes and other platforms.

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