Ten exciting Derby band releases due 2017

As there are a few releases we know are in the works we thought we’d put together a bit of a list so you can start looking forward to them too.

Derby band releases to look forward to in 2017

Biscuit Mouth

The experimental noisecore duo have been working on their second album. It’s titled Hot Change and is due this month.

Find them on Bandcamp.

Pet Crow

The debut album from the garage pop and groove quartet is due in the early part of the year through Derby label Reckless Yes Records.

Find them on their website.

Addictive pHilosopHy

Announced on New Year’s Day the band will release at least two singles this year, with the first slated for an April release.

Find them on their website.


The final album in a trilogy dealing with grief from multi-instrumentalist James Machin is due at some point in 2017 and is said to be accompanied by a feature length video, directed by the man himself.

Find him on Bandcamp.

Haiku Salut

The electro-folk trio have been working on their third album with a possible 2017 release. It will follow the critically acclaimed debut Tricolor and follow up 2015’s Etch and Etch Deep.

Find them on their website.

Unqualified Nurse Band

Less than a year into being a band the trio are working on the follow up to debut long player Debasement Tapes and have teased we might not just get their second in 2017, but a third too.

Find them on Bandcamp.


A four-track EP is due for release from the experimental psych band and will be a follow up to 2016’s self-titled long-player.

Find them on Bandcamp.


The final EP in a trilogy is due in 2017 from the singer-songwriter. It follows Wander In The Wilderness and The Passage of Time.

Find him on his website.

The Hudson Super Six

Currently signed to Bristol label Ingue Derby’s supergroup (features members of classic Derby bands Cable, Scribble and Iris) the band recorded with producer Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Art Brutus, Eighties Matchbox) in 2016 with a planned release for 2017.

Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Replica Jesus

The band were recording at Snug as far back as last Autumn and a full length album is due from these melodic but heavy-as-hell noisemakers at some point in 2017.

Find them on Bandcamp.


If you missed it you can find our look back at ten great 2016 releases by Derby bands here. Know a band we should be listening to in Derby? Let us know: editor@storge.co.uk

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