Biscuit Mouth – Hot Change

Derby two piece Biscuit Mouth‘s brand new album Hot Change (released via bandcamp this week) is not for the faint hearted.

Imagine Captain Beefheart being backed by Truman’s Water with Steve Albini producing. Now imagine an argument breaks out between Messers Beefheart and Albini over which ribbon mic is best used to record an amplifier that has holes poked in it’s speakers with a pencil. Imagine the Truman’s Water chaps disagree with both and before you know it, a massive row ensues and Beefheart picks up his mic stand and yells ‘Right, everyone in the car park, now! It’s time to open a can of wupass on all of you!’ Now imagine that a massive brawl takes place in the studio’s live room while the tape is still running (of course it’s recorded to tape, durr) and you’re about half way to imagining what this record sounds like.

Guitarist Sean is like a Doctor Moreau of the guitar world – he carries out evil genetic experiments with his instruments and amplifiers then tortures them for his own sadistic pleasure, while capturing the whole thing to tape. The resulting album is a twisted monster with an approach to melody that is cheeky, bordering on rude.

But somehow, it’s infectious as well as an endurance test. It’s rhythmic and laden with dirty hooks that have an almost krautrock purity to them. It’s minimalist but massive at the same time. The drums have all the subtlety (and sometimes randomness) of a brick through your front window and the whole record feels like it should be the soundtrack to Fight Club – it’s got Tyler Durden’s inner monologue stamped all over it lyrically – it’s angry, ranty, haunting and cathartic at the same time. It’s also strangely humourous – a glorious exploration of the human condition in a James Joyce-like stream of consciousness that leaves you reassuringly thinking ‘I’m so glad somebody else thinks like that, I was beginning to believe I was mad’.

Next time you’ve had a bad day at work when you get in gaffer tape all your pillows together, put this album on, imagine the foam and cotton based sculpture you’ve just created is your smug power crazed small minded BMW driving boss and punch the shit out of it. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it afterwards and in the words of the band themselves ‘The Captain’s praying for your health’.

Stand out tracks: A Very Pleasing Night, Kenneth the Lampooner and Horse Story.

The album launch will be held at Dubrek, where the album was also recorded, on 3 February 2017. Details here.

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