Tor share video of new demo

Derby two-piece math rock outfit Tor has shared their new demo in a video posted to their Facebook page yesterday (3 February 2017).

The video shows the pair in their practicing room and while the post starts with an admission that it has been a while since they last posted, they are working on new songs. Until now they have been an instrumental duo, with a focus on heavy and experimental rock with intricate melodies woven through the onslaught of noise, but this demo also features vocals.

In the post the band said: “It’s been a while and we thought it was about time we shared something so here’s a video of us practising one of our new songs.

“In a world where people are starting feel it is “OK” to share their hate, we felt we had something to say so this is our first ever song with vocals.

“What have we become?”

The band formed in 2011 the band has been on and off the scene including an enforced break for a year in 2015 after drummer Paul cut tendons in his hand and needed a long recovery period.

While they are heavily influenced by heavy and progressive rock and metal they bring in math rock elements with their time signatures as well as Afrobeat rhythms. This new track shows those influences are very much still in play but rather than a band stymied by circumstance they’ve continued to move forward and develop their sound.

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