Yakobo announce new EP

Yakobo has announced the final piece of his EP trilogy will be released on 7 April 2017.

Titled The Land Was Just A Dream it follows 2015’s Wander In The Wilderness and last year’s The Passage Of Time.

Speaking to Storge at the end of last year James Currey, the musician and polymath behind Yakobo, said of the trilogy: ““The first EP, Wander In The Wilderness, spoke a lot about setting off on a journey; it was full of optimism, hubris and faith. Musically it was probably closest to what you would expect from singer-songwriter indie-folk-pop; it’s kinda bright and catchy.

“The Passage of Time is more rooted in the grind of going through life, love, heartbreak, disappointment etc. The songs are less upbeat but I think they are more mature.

“The third EP is on its way, it’s going to be a little bit darker with slightly more inspiration from jazz and prog. There’s a certain amount of doubt and disillusionment in there. I won’t give away too many spoilers for now though.”

Along with the announcement of title and release date artwork by Emma Rees and Richard Walker was revealed.

Read our full interview with Yakobo here.

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