Unqualified Nurse Band – Death Surf A52 / White Dove

Unqualified Nurse Band are about to release a double-A through Too Pure Singles Club and it’s full of the inventive and intense power we’ve come to expect from the trio.

The two new tracks from the Derby three-piece showcase more of distilled rock & roll history, what could be a mess of genres but instead is a thrilling, surprising mix of techniques and sounds. This is a band who have dismissed the notion of boundaries and having mastered their art have the confidence and the ability to take it in new directions.

Death Surf A52 is a relentless thrash, building almost to the point of no return before turning, tantalisingly, back from the edge. The scratchy vocals, insistent riff, it all creates the expectation of a crash, of a cataclysmic climax. And just as you think you’re going to get it the song sinks away into a pleasantly languorous calm. Vocals and riffs stretch, and the pop sensibilities behind this rock sound come to the for. Before it picks up the pace again, pounding but with the thrilling top line of guitar snaking through, before the whole thing becomes and out and out banger of a tune, thrashing right to the sudden end.

And then there is White Dove; a disconcerting but fascinating mix of melting vocals and thrashing rhythms. More similar in style to parts of debut album Debasement Tapes, the juxtaposed styles and influences are more starkly contrasted in parts but still fit together. Even when they jar its intentional, a challenge rather than a slip. And in two minutes this band explore more ground, touch on a dizzying array of musical possibilities, than most bands could successfully visit over the course of a double album.

From the outset Unqualified Nurse Band has been a group unwilling to be confined by genre, or to stand-still in their own development. Part of the joy of them is the challenge they seek out for themselves and the questions they ask of the established thinking in music. There is a curiosity, and a creativity, about they which fires the pure energy of their playing. That they manage to capture that wild ferocity on record without becoming subdued is something else again.

A band who thrill live and never disappoint on record, this latest double-A is an exciting stepping stone between their first album and whatever musical adventure they have planned for us next.

You can pre-order Death Surf A52 / White Dove for download or on clear 7″ vinyl through Bandcamp or by joining the Too Pure Singles Club. Their debut album is available via Derby label Reckless Yes.

The band play the Hairy Dog on Saturday 11 March with Mouses and You Want Fox. Details here.

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