Addictive pHilosopHy release single (Not A) Novelty

Addictive pHilosopHy have released a new single, (Not A) Novelty.

“This one goes out to the middle classes, who think they come from the hood, with a CD collection of Bob Marley, cause they think it’s really rather good”…so goes the hook from the new single (Not A) Novelty from long-running Derby ska-punks Addictive pHilosopHy.

A fusion of dub reggae that descends into rapid-fire thrash by way of mellow ska the single takes aim at those trying on skanarcho and counter-culture as a shallow accessory, rather than aligning with it as a lifestyle choice. In a recent interview with Punk Online frontman GeZ Addictive discussed how inequality and ignorance were two of the things which riled him about the state of the country at the moment, issues reflected in this new single.

He said, “The world is far more complex than most people care to think about – you can’t complain about inequality and injustice in the world and then turn a blind eye to it and buy sweatshop goods. It’s hard to be completely ethical these days but it’s not hard to try and do a bit – so many people claim to be angry about it but then submissively fund it all.

“Attending a protest isn’t enough, ticking a box isn’t enough – it all helps but you need to vote with your feet; do your shopping at your local (preferably vegan and organic) co-operative and if there isn’t one and you really care, think about starting one, you know, DO something, don’t just be a consumer, you’re worth more than that.”

In the band’s typical style it isn’t backward in coming forward with their views, a forthright statement set to bubbling melody bound to get you up and dancing even as they take you down with their words.

The single is the second from them this year, following on from the punk-pop of Supernatural Race Fiend released in April.

(Not A) Novelty is available now across all major streaming and download platforms. Addictive pHilosopHy play at Punks Against Cancer at the Hairy Dog today (14 July) with the fundraising festival going on all weekend – get the full details here.

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