Part Chimp Dubrek show sells out in just 18 hours

Part Chimp will be playing Dubrek on 10 September – but if you weren’t quick off the mark you’ve missed out on tickets as the show sold out in just 18 hours.

With support from Derby’s own Biscuit Mouth and Them Are They the band, known for their incredibly loud noise rock shows, will play Dubrek to a capacity crowd.

Jay Dean, Dubrek owner said, “It’s great when folk in Derby are excited to see and support great underground music such as Part Chimp.

“We’re working hard to bring both new and established left field music to the city, such Living Body on 11 August, and Sly & the Family Drone on the 25 August. Having the Part Chimp show sell out within 18 hours makes us feel we’re getting it right and that there is an appetite here for something a bit different in a setting that isn’t traditional as a venue.”

Of the band The Quietus said, “There is something about London’s bruised cultists Part Chimp that has always harboured both jaw-shattering awe and tightrope-teetering ridiculousness. The unapologetic, from-the-bowels-of Hell sludge they have dredged up over the last seventeen years comes at you in a myriad of ways: it’s archaic, like pre-dawn pagan guttural mantras; it’s Herculean, David vs Goliath iconography etched in sledgehammer noise and funereal riffs; it’s anarchic, making the walls sweat blood before imploding in a Poltergeist twist of pinprick white light; yet it is also at times simplistic, base, even (dare I say it) silly.”

Forming in 2000 from the remnants of Ligament Part Chimp have just released their fourth album, iV, on Rock Action Records.

Noise rock duo Biscuit Mouth released their second album Hot Change earlier in 2017 while Them Are They, a math rock duo, are working toward a first release.

While the Part Chimp show is now sold out you can still get tickets for Living Body, with Papayer, Mayshe Mayshe, details here, and Sly & The Family Drone, with Arsey Rob show here.

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