Pet Crow reveal new tracks for Too Pure Singles Club release

Derby’s Pet Crow have revealed new track How Are You Wired ahead of a double-A release with Too Pure Singles Club this August. The sibling track on the release – Scrape Yourself From The Floor – premiered last week on Marc Riley’s 6Music show.

The release follows their debut album, A Simple Guide To Small And Medium Pond Life, which was released on vinyl and digitally in February through independent label Reckless Yes. The album brought critical praise and began gathering interest in the band, who formed in spring 2016.

With a brilliantly ramshackle feel to the tracks they pick up the trail very much where the debut left off. How Are You Wired has a glossier pop feel, lyrically even becoming reminiscent of the Spice Girls in the chorus, but with just enough grit to keep this garage rock than chart schlock. There’s the signature cow bell and a racing rhythm play off the more laid back guitar and vocal, giving the track a vibe somewhere between Blondie and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Scrape Yourself From the Floor has a surf-twang to the guitars and quickly builds into the rambunctious garage rock style employed across their debut LP. With languid vocals through the verses, off-centre gang vocals in the chorus the song blasts through its last 30 seconds in a race of rhythm and riff. Once again Pet Crow have shown themselves to be a promising prospect, with touches of Menace Beach and even label-mates Unqualified Nurse Band, the sound is nevertheless completely their own and one which they deliver in wide-eyed delight and with growing confidence.

The second band from Derby-based label Reckless Yes to go on to be picked up for a one-off release with Too Pure the band recorded at Snug before having the tracks mastered at the iconic Abbey Road. They follow Unqualified Nurse Band who released double A Death Surf A52 / White Dove, and found a place in the UK Singles Chart, in March having released their debut album with Reckless Yes in 2016.

The single is released on 25 August and will be available on 7″ through Too Pure. The band next play Derby on 23 August in support to Listener and with Crime Wolf. Tickets are on sale now at £9 adv (stbf) with details on Facebook here.

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