Dead and Breakfast announces first film in 2017 line-up

The annual Halloween tradition of Dead and Breakfast may yet be a few months away but programming has started for the all-night horror film fest at QUAD Derby.

Making the announcement on the On The Fringes blog they said, “It is that time of year once again where here at Fringe Towers we start pulling together the line up for an all night marathon of horror films.

“I have a few provisos when putting the line up together  – no repeats. Which is fine when you’re programming year three, when you get up to year nine and you’ve screened 42 films over the preceding eight years the No Repeat rule starts to be a pain in the arse! But we’re sticking to it.”

The first film to be announced in the 2017 line-up is Richard Donner’s 1976 cult classic The Omen. Fright Club described the film’s plot, “US Ambassador Robert Thorn (Gregory Peck) is convinced to swap his stillborn son with that of a mother whose died in childbirth. Without telling his wife, they raise the child to the age five, where Damien seems to be exerting a malevolent influence on the Thorn household. Searching for answers he meets maverick priest Father Brennan (Patrick Troughton) who tries to convince him that Damien is not a normal little boy…in fact… he’s the ANTICHRIST!!”

Dead and Breakfast is part of the regular Fright Club event at QUAD Derby where cult film historian Darrell Buxton introduces the best horror cinema has to offer, whether it is a classic horror title or the new cutting edge of horror.

On The Fringes brings together a like-minded group of specialist film programmers at QUAD Derby including All The Right Notes music documentary and concert films, Don’t Cross The Streams ’80s cinema, and Satori Screen bring East Asian cinema to Derby.

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