Panji and the Buffalo – Rare Moves: EP review

Panji and The Buffalo Rare Moves EPFormer You Slut! drummer Daz Cook is about to release his debut solo EP under his Panji and The Buffalo pseudonym through the Reckless Yes Records imprint. Richard McKerron reviews. 

Panji and The Buffalo Rare Moves is the debut solo EP from Darren Cook, former drummer of the cult math rock noise outfit You Slut! from Derby, UK. Whilst I was aware of You Slut! back in the day, I never had the good fortune to catch them live, so I am happily approaching this EP from out of the cold.

To begin, The Ballad of Dan Pidgeon lulls you into the world of lofi with the tease of being recorded in what I assume is a kitchen on Slack Lane, but then rapidly wakes up and cleans up, hammering on so fast that it really requires some hard core focus to take it all in the first time round. Swift shifts between violent guitar chord washes into tighter riffs whilst alternating time signatures rapidly, with multiple layers at each stage.

The Rare Moves EP alternates between heavy and light throughout which initially catches you unawares making the second track, Parasol Starz, almost question whether you heard it at all until the fourth track (Polygon Switchblade) kicks in as a reminder, establishing the format. Drum machine, spacious guitars, and the nicely captured scrape of the pick across the strings with each chord all add to the folky texture before Bubblun arrives and pulls you out of this pleasant Elysium with its collapsing drum fills and frenetic energy.

The remaining tracks follow suit nicely and you find yourself relaxing into it wishing it was much longer. The joys of a wonderful stutter effect, a gorgeous bass solo over ethereal strums and a 12/8 chill are all highlights to look out for.

The debut offering closes with SWIV Dreams which plays heavily on the juxtaposition of a seriously rusty bit-crushed drum machine snare sample against wonderfully captured live instrumentation into a slow build and tape cassette finish.

There’s a pleasant amount of math rock in Derby, so Panji and The Buffalo has a home here. As a whole, Rare Moves EP acts as a taster for future potential and we hope a main meal is offered up in the near future.

Rare Moves is released digitally and on limited edition CD by Reckless Yes on Friday 11 August – pre-order via Bandcamp here.

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