Mystic shows off the culture of Normanton Road in new video

Derby born and raised Grime musician MC Mystic has shown of the culturally diverse and positivity of the local community in a new video of Normanton Road, made for charity Change Exchange.

Since being shared by the charity on Facebook earlier this week the video has been shared almost 600 times and viewed more than 55,000 times.

The area is the epicentre of the British Pakistani community in Derby and the video is the first from the charity in a three part series on Normanton Road. MC Mystic‘s video shows the diversity of culture on the well-known street and seeks to address the negativity about the area, known as the crime capital of the city and which has been linked to extremism with terror raids locally in the last year.

The charity which seeks to inspire young people in Derby and beyond asked the rapper, who co-runs Arthur Street Studios, to represent the area and share his view of life in the area. In the video he is seen walking along Normanton Road, greeting shopkeepers and passers-by, as well as talking to camera about the negative view some have of his neighbourhood.

Talking to the Derby Telegraph about the video and the area in which he was born and grew up, he said, “The things that make me proud of Normanton is how it’s full of many different cultures and has a strong community feeling.┬áDespite all the negativity portrayed in the area, there is so much positivity which overpowers it.┬áNormanton is the place where I grew up and spent most of my youth, so naturally it is part of my identity.”

He also talks about how Derby as a city should celebrate success in all its forms from those who live here. As a small city attitudes can often err towards negative as comparisons are made with larger neighbours such as Nottingham, while over-looking the positive work being done, often in the face of doubting attitudes and around the limitations of our surroundings.

Mystic has recently released his Late Nights, Early Mornings EP which features collaborations with other local musicians including Eyez. It is available to stream digitally on all the normal platforms, including Spotify.

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Image by Change Exchange.

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