Derby ‘supergroup’ The Hudson Super 6 call it a day

Hudson Super 6 by Neil JohnsonDerby’s own supergroup The Hudson Super 6 has announced they are splitting after more than a decade together.

Formed in 2004 from the ashes of Cable, Iris and Scribble the band released their Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Placebo, Earl Brutus) produced Ride The Tiger EP in June, through Bristol label Ingue Records, and included local dates supporting Jesus Jones, and a headline show at the Hairy Dog on the accompanying tour.

With a deep and dirty blues rock sound the band played on big riffs and the distinctive vocals of Phil Wagg. Their most recent release followed on from 2013 long-player This Black Heart, released via IRL and also produced by Paul Tipler, and career-early vinyl releases for former Derby-based label Sumo.

Reviewing the Ride The Tiger we said, “Continuing their trademark massive, crunchy guitar sound mixed with dark and deviant rock melodies, Ride the Tiger is just what we’ve come to expect from them. A good thing, a very good thing! From the first of Phil Wagg’s vocals on The First Time is the Worst Time, to the fading guitar outro on Imperial Stag, this is a record of punchy and raucous rock music. No drama, no fluff and no filler.”

A statement on the band’s social media accounts today read, “It’s with a heavy heart that the HS6 have now split up after many years together. There are 1,001 reasons that just told us it was time, we won’t bore you with all of them here. We’d like to thank everyone who ever bought one of our records, streamed a song, saw us play live, bought a t-shirt and generally supported us in anyway shape or form. Thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts. There’s a good chance there will be some kind of new project in the offing in some new guise, quite frankly we have no idea yet as this is all very fresh for the four of us. Once again, Thank you and Goodnight…. Rock it. That really is all…. Now! XXXX”

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