Steven Battelle shares new project Voices

Steven Battelle has shared the first track from a new album of filmic music under a new moniker, Voices.

The former LostAlone frontman released a solo album, Exit Brain Left, in 2016, an EP Life Is Company Me Is A Crowd earlier this year and is currently working on the follow up which he describes as ‘big guitar songs and prog pop epicness’. Alongside this he says he has ‘accidentally made an album full of more filmic, dreamy music’ and shared the first track from it, Explosions.

Released via Dharma Records the track is slow-burning, piano-led ambience with the atmospheric and expansive sound promised from the rest of the album. Battelle‘s use of classic pop structures and a prog sound still shine through the shadows of the more melancholy sound, a soft but occasionally clipped vocal high in the mix.

There’s no word yet on when the full album will be released but as a first offering Explosions suggests an interesting spin-off direction for Battelle‘s prolific songwriting.

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