Part Chimp, Biscuit Mouth, Them Are They – Dubrek, Derby: Live Review

The past few weeks have seen several sell out shows across Derby. The speed at which this one sold out set a new record for Dubrek in 18 hours, only to be surpassed by the upcoming Lords gig shortly afterwards. Good music comes our way.

Part Chimp are well respected in these parts and two local bands had the pleasure of opening for them – Them Are They and Biscuit Mouth. I found it slightly amusing that the number of people in the support bands equalled the number of people in the main band. Stopping to think on it, it’s actually quite impressive that duos are performing with such thick texture and interesting rhythm, making decent creative use of pedals for guitar without being gimmicky. I’m also amused that every band has a ‘Tim’. I’m easily amused…

Them Are They continue to impress me each time I catch them. A quiet confidence from “frontman” Harnor on guitar and varied rhythm from Ward at the back, they’ve still not named most of the songs beyond numbers, but as an audience that’s an irrelevance to the enjoyment of the compositions. Gritty varied guitar tones and changing time signatures make for an strong opening for a well packed room.

Biscuit Mouth are next up, the second sonic pairing, but this time with vocals from their rhythm section, Jennings. Precise aggression from both guitar and vocal work, a particular aspect that I get drawn into with them are the moments where they hover on a particular chord or riff for an extended period before smashing down elsewhere. The pace and power of their sound is compelling. The room is getting warmer.

Headliners Part Chimp open strong and loud. So loud. But good loud. There’s clarity in every aspect of the four piece and you can hear individuals clearly in the mix. After fuelling up on local Full Moon coffee, after the long drive from the Big Smoke, they’re raring to go. Tight as a nut, the band open with a series of songs including Namekuji which is full of descending chord sequence drudgery and misery, relentlessly driving onwards to the sardine tin room which fast becomes a sweat lodge of awesome.

The drummer’s commitment to each track is clear and after a short while the exertion is visible on the group who do not let up. Precision guitar solos, solid bass work, the audience begin with nods and are genuinely dancing and bouncing by the midway point of the set. The more poppy grunge riffs of Mapoleon definitely help as the thick layered distorted rhythm guitar and bass pound onwards. You can feel the floor moving with the collective rhythm. The shortest of breaks leads to an encore and a very happy audience depart.

A decent night, for sure. Monday’s aren’t for closers.

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Images by Matt Bamford.

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