A Union Of Noise: Plax, Crime Wolf and Dead Arms – live review

Tonight’s show is presented by Belper’s Kunst Gallery under the banner A Union of Noise. Having been following the shows Kunst have been putting on in Belper and witnessing the vibrant community they have built around themselves I was more than looking forward to being at their first outing to Derby.

The show features three great noise punk bands in Derby’s newest alternative coffee and record shop Black Rebel Coffee House. The room is fairly small and perfect for this sort of small intense show. As the crowd builds it is clear to see that Kunst have built a solid fan base of their own in the city, as a great varied crowd take shelter from the cold and await what is bound to be another one of their fantastic nights of musical entertainment.

First off is Dead Arms, a noise punk four piece from London. Vocalist General Waste takes no time in launching onto the floor and bringing the show right into the audiences face, which is where he stays for pretty much the remainder of the set.  Musically Dead Arms are probably the heaviest of the night and have a sound littered with riffs reminisent of bands such as The Jesus Lizard.

Second up is a band I have already managed to catch live many times. They have never dissapointed and tonight is certainly no exception. After what Dead Arms blistering set Crime Wolf (from the Amber Valley) realise they have to come out and take no prisoners.

Tonight Dave Culleton‘s bitter preacher vocals and the band’s loud and raw noise rock seems more brutal, driven and urgent than I have ever seen from the band before.  The band keep banter between songs to a minimum tonight, apart from a short conversation with an audience member about his privet hedge. The band tear through their set, clench the audience in their grasp and then leave again before the audience have time to collect their thoughts and realise what has just hit them.

Headline act tonight are Plax from Austin Texas, who featuring members of Spray Paint, OBN IIIs and Skeleton. They are a long way from home and from watching them before their set are clearly feeling the effects of Britian’s cold evening temperatures.

As the band start up their frontman is still huddled on his knees in front of the drum kit, still in jacket and woollen hat. It however takes no time for the band to warm up and as seems to be the theme of the night launching a brutal musical attack on the audience.

The band sound and feel very much like a young modern day Black Flag. They are at heart very much a hardcore punk band, but underneath the distortion a tight band with well written and executed songs, making their music sound a lot more controlled and thought out than most bands in their genre.

Plax power through their set and finish after around 20 minutes, which for a band like this is perfect. They came, they tore a hole through Derby and left.

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Images by Matt Bamford.

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