Derby Museums historic instrument collection and new world music courses at Dubrek

Dubrek Studios cafe has hosted several art exhibitions and concerts over the year and is now branching out to the community in even more ways, including hosting a session allowing people to explore the historic instrument collection of Derby Museum.

On 13 September Dubrek hosted an interactive one-night exhibition of some of Derby Museums’ archived historic instrument collection. On display were a variety of percussive devices from large lizard skin drums and talking drums to cast iron bells and mbiras. The project is part of a larger outreach concept that sees the public interacting and learning about the artefacts rather than have them sitting in storage unappreciated. Interested parties could observe and perform using the instruments, as well as discuss and advise the curators with a collective shared-knowledge approach.

historic instrument at Dubrek from Derby Museums

In the two hours leading up to the exhibition, 3D – Derby Djembe Drummers had met together, as they do most Wednesdays, in the cafe for a West African Djembe and Dunun group led by Richard McKerron. The group contains both beginners and more advanced drummers and is currently recruiting new members to join them.

“We created the group initially to improve our own skills,” Richard explained, “and as it grew we started engaging in performances further afield including the Belper Arts Trail, Horsley Woodhouse Carnival and Peak Shopping Village via FFTS Events Ltd, as well as occasionally busking in town. The group doesn’t have an audition process as all abilities are welcome. We aim to help people learn a new skill, increase their confidences and have fun at the same time.”

Tuesday nights, fortnightly, sees a focus on Cuban rhythms, led by Chris White. They focus on the fundamentals of Rumba and Afro-Cuban rhythms on conga and other percussion.

Djembe drumming at Dubrek

Chris and Richard have decided to pair up on Thursdays for six weeks to offer an entry level course covering both styles, beginning on 21 September. The course will cover basic techniques in both styles before moving on to more detailed techniques and rhythms as the weeks go on.

“We are designing the content of the course with the regular groups in mind, so that people can then continue their learning by joining one of the two regular groups.” said Chris.

Places on the short course are limited and booking information and pricing can be found here. Ongoing Djembe sessions can be found here. Afro-Cuban rhythm sessions can be found here.

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