Debut single from The Honeymoon Suite released

Derby four-piece The Honeymoon Suite have released their debut single Taste-Less digitally last week and its a shimmering indie rock floor-filler of a tune.

The Honeymoon Suite band picture black and white

A graffiti tag sits lazily across the stark brickwork, shadows stretch long across the black and white street scene, and even with a Derby band stood centre frame it is the iconic imagery of post-industrial Manchester, and the utilitarian Joy Division which is immediately evoked.

Musically in The Honeymoon Suite‘s first single Taste-Less there is far too much bounce to be compared to the post-punks but certainly the seed of their sound was sewn in ’80s indie pop, lyrically referencing ‘Robert says that Boys Don’t Cry’ and adding chant backing-vocals to a soaring lead. The song is all shimmering guitar but it slices it with ’90s alt clean rhythms and dropping everything out only to saw it back in Bivouac-style. A big sounding single that lends itself to dance-floors and the things unspoken as a gaze is held across a crowded room.

Not unique – from The Kooks to The Wombats have both peddled polished indie while more recently Blossoms, Cassia, and TRASH (with who they will play The Venue in October) have all given a take on the sound – The Honeymoon Suite are far from derivative. With a more literary style lyrically, and losing the electro aspects now common in this genre in favour of sticking with jangling guitars, the band have released a debut single which manages to subtly dismiss the shallows of indie and add some more substantial emotionally and sonically than is prevalent in the genre.

As a first offer Taste-Less makes a strong case for The Honeymoon Suite being among one of the better indie-rock bands on offer locally, with the promise of growing into something that could break from the local scene to find themselves part of the new mainstream of indie.

The Honeymoon Suite Taste-Less is out digitally now and available through Soundcloud. The band play The Venue on 26 October 2017 with TRASH and Keysmore info on Facebook.

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