Paddy Considine’s celebrated debut West End run ends

Paddy Considine, locally born-actor and filmmaker, has completed his celebrated West End debut run in highly-acclaimed play The Ferryman.

Written by Jay Butterworth (Jerusalem) and directed by Sam Mendes (best known for directing American Beauty) The Ferryman has been getting rave reviews during its run in the West End, with QUAD patron Paddy Considine at the heart of the cast.

Set in Ireland in 1981 the play is for the most-part staged in the kitchen of a farmhouse, where Considine, as Quinn Carney, presides over his family as they set about bringing in and celebrating the harvest. Across the day events of the past, namely the murder of Quinn’s brother a decade before in revenge for his defection from the IRA, threaten to upset the rhythm of rural life and in denouement bring dire consequences for all.

The rising political tensions of the time are woven through with the distant hunger strikers viscerally juxtaposed with the bounty of the harvest, but far from being a purely political commentary the play explores themes of familial and romantic love as well as the ambiguous grief of a disappearance.

These are the roles that Considine is made for, the brooding and the brilliance of everyday life and characters which hold within them great determination, great resolve, and a sense of honour which sometimes tips toward violence. In Quinn Carney Considine draws the threads of the story together, the pin around which the love, loss, revenge, and forgiveness revolve, and in which he holds the idea of himself still and reserved even in the most heightened moments.

Known for his acting work in film, TV and as a director the stage is a new string to Considine’s bow. Taking the lead role in a high profile play is testament to the fearless commitment Considine has made to his craft throughout his career and a move which has rightfully drawn him further acclaim amid an outstanding cast.

The Ferryman has undergone a cast change and Considine has finished his run but the play continues at The Gielgud Theatre, London until 6 January 2018. You can find more about the play here.

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