Unqualified Nurse Band: Trashland – second LP from Derby band

One year ago Unqualified Nurse Band burst onto the music scene with their debut LP Debasement Tapes. The three-piece had already gained notoriety for providing loud and furious live performances and their first full length release backed them up on this.

In the 12 months since the band have been working harder than almost any band I have ever seen. With a constant stream of new songs, some of which make this record, being aired at the many, many live shows they have been playing they also crammed in a double-A release for Too Pure Singles Club and rode high at number 74 in the Official Singles Chart.

From the very first song on new album Trashland you get a sense that this album is a lot cleaner and more palatable, while still keeping the bands signature trashy rock n roll sensibility.

Unqualified Nurse Band have clearly approached this album not wanting to just recreate their first album over again, but want to show that behind all the fuzz and raucous energy the band can actually write fantastic songs.  All the elements of the band are still here. The surf-ridden rock n roll guitars and a doff of the cap to the ’70’s psychedelic scene, but everything just seems a lot more together and well presented. The lyrics are a lot clearer this time around which shows off  how dark this band can actually get and how well written and clever their songs actually are.

If you love Unquallifed Nurse Band already then this album still has everything you fell in love with and more. If you never quite got what the band were trying to do then I urge you to give this album a listen and see if they can win you over.

As mentioned earlier Unqualified Nurse Band are a hard working band, this hard work is clearly paying off for them. Here is a band to watch out for in the near future as I can see there being no stopping this steam roller.

Unqualified Nurse Band support Lightyear at the Hairy Dog on 20 October 2017 – the show is sold out but information is on Facebook here. They will then support throughout the UK tour. Trashland is released digitally and on limited edition vinyl on 20 October 2017 via Medicine Music and Reckless Yes Records. Order your copy here.

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