Open call for submissions to QUAD exhibition At The End Of The Day

QUAD in Derby has made an open call for submissions to a new exhibition for 2018, At The End Of The Day including applications to a creative workshop exploring what it is to be English in the Midlands today. The exhibition will run from 10 February to 11 March 2018.

At the End of the Day, organised in partnership with the University of Derby, is open to people from Derby or anywhere in the world, and from any creative backgrounds and interests. The workshop – running between 20 and 24 November – will be led by artist Patrick Waterhouse, graphic designer Tim Wan and QUAD Programme Manager Mauro Bedoni and explore English identity through questions such as ‘how do you create an inclusive idea of Englishness?’, ‘What are the stories we tell?’,  ‘How does regional identity relate to the nation?’, ‘How does ethnicity and heritage affect attitudes?’, and ‘What is English identity today?’

The deadline for applications to the workshops is 10 November but submissions for work to be displayed in the exhibition are also invited – whether an idea or a more fully formed piece – by 17 November 2017 and this is open to those who can’t attend the workshops.

More information including an application form is available online here.


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